Dry, flakey scalp? It probably isn’t dandruff…

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Dry, flakey scalp? It probably isn’t dandruff…

Less than 5% of us have been diagnosed with clinical dandruff. So why is Head & Shoulders the No.1 selling shampoo in the UK? – It just doesn’t make sense!

Consider this, products that you use on your hair may be causing irritation which could lead to flaking or itching on the scalp. Most big brands contain Sulphate’s, Silicone, Tpegs, Parabens.. to name but a few.  Sulphates are a known irritant, they can cause itching on the scalp leading to redness or scabs around the ears and in the nape of the neck.

Non-soluble Silicone can build up in the hair and create a barrier to colour. Day-to-day dirt sticks to it and, over time it can cause dull and lifeless hair. Many people think that they need to change their shampoo when this happens but the result with be the same if you use a conventional chemical-laden brand.

These products are not only bad for your hair and scalp they have a negative effect on our environment too. We don’t often think about what we are washing down the plug hole, but maybe we should.

An educated decision is always the best one. At pHd we stock products that are free from all the nasties and gently cleanse and exfoliate the scalp without harming the world around us.

I highly recommend Kevin.Murphy’s Balancing.Wash to restore lustre and shine, bring balance and protect your hair. Or John Masters Spearmint and Meadowseet shampoo for stronger, more manageable hair and improved blood circulation.


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