Love your curls

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Love your curls

I have natural curls, it’s my favourite hair type and I have many clients with curly hair. So it seemed like a good idea to share some of my hard-earned experience learnt from managing my own and my client’s hair.

Cutting curls – what to consider

There are so many types of curly hair and so many factors to consider when cutting, colouring and styling your curls.

  • Hair texture first, is your hair fine, medium or thick/course?
  • Then porosity, is your hair healthy, dry, weak, damaged? (by conventional colour or heated styling tools) All of these conditions will affect the way your curls look and feel.
  • What is your Curl type? Is your hair corkscrew curly, big bouncy, wavy, tight, uneven -more curly at the back than the front?
  • Consider face shape. Do you have a heart, oval, round, square shaped face?

There are so many things to consider before you have your cut and styled!

People with curls need to feel that they have a style, otherwise it’s just ‘curls’. A lot of women feel messy or untidy when they don’t understand how to manage their curls. There are many cutting techniques for curly hair and much more training and information available than there used to be. Drawing on my knowledge, training, experience in the industry and creativity I know that I can find the best hair cutting technique to suit your curly hair.

Curl loving products

As you know ‘one’ product never suits all. Trial and error over the years has made it easier for me to predict what will (and won’t) work. As a general rule, a light water-based gel or volumising spray is great for giving curl definition without weighing fine hair down. Kevin Murphy Anti.Gravity cream or spray or Killer.Curls are ideal.

A hair moisturiser, like Kevin Murphy Motion.Lotion or a leave in conditioner such as Leave-in.Repair or styling cream Smooth.Again or Easy.Rider anti frizz cream is great for thick unruly curls or if your hair has a tendency to go fluffy. If your hair suits an oil there are several options including Young.Again oil, Shimmer.Shine spray or Shimmerme.Blonde spray.

What if you don’t like to use too many products on your hair but you struggle with it being fluffy? This can sometimes be rectified by the correct cutting technique and using the right shampoo and conditioner. Avoid sulphate such as SLS, (sodium laureth sulphate), dimethicone, Tpegs( non-water soluble silicones), parabens and unnecessary chemicals in your hair products. They can cause itchy scalp, flaky skin and redness around or inside your ears and at the nape of your neck.

Drying curls perfectly

Drying your curls can be tricky. The cuticle layer of curly hair does not sit flat and smooth like straight hair, so it is more prone to moisture loss and doesn’t reflect the light as well. Lots of people like to leave their curls to dry naturally that’s not always practical for some lifestyles, jobs or weather conditions.

If you do use a hairdryer always use it on a low setting to protect your hair. Try using a defuser attachment on your dryer, it speeds up the natural drying process and stops the hair from being blasted and dried unevenly. For added volume tip your head over to the side or upside-down.

One of my hottest tips is never to grab and scrunch with your whole hand as this will just make it fluffy. Pinch the hair gently with the finger tips and lift a little to dry the hair next to the scalp as it takes longer to dry there. Finally, make sure you let the defuser do the work – over-drying the ends also causes frizz. Then, all you have to dois enjoy your gorgeous curls!

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